Pedestal for Mustang

19.12.2023Pedestal for Mustang

From time to time, a specialty pops up among our clients' standard requirements that is completely outside the normal order portfolio.

Recently, such special requests have been increasing. And we have two options: to politely refuse, or to tackle the unusual task with the same design and construction energy that we devote to large projects.

Diversity is the source of development and progress. A group of enthusiasts thus devotes time beyond their normal work duties to these atypical realizations on demand. It is no exaggeration to say that a new department of special constructions has been created.

An example of this is the exhibition stand for the historic Jawa Mustang motorcycle, which we designed and produced in record time as part of a birthday present for our VIP client.

The subtle metal construction is lined with safety glass in dark anthracite. The Mustang seems to levitate above the base thanks to the custom-made attachment. The top pane of glass is removable for easier handling.

Today, the pedestal stands in its place and carries the beautiful restored motorcycle with dignity, without overshadowing it. At the same time, we have included it in our product portfolio under the CARPENTHOUSE brand.

Who knows, maybe the next exhibit will be a car?


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