Glass and technology

CLEARwall adjustable partitions


The wide assortment of types and technical solutions of CLEARside© all-glass partitions is supplemented with CLEARwall© all-aluminium system partitions. In this way, we have completed a full-scale offer of partition walls for interiors of commercial, production and office buildings.

The system of CLEARwall© 80/92 double-shell adjustable partitions is the first partition solution on the market to employ a light, yet statically rigid self-supporting structure from aluminium sections.

Thanks to the sufficient assortment of sections, partitions of complex ground plan shapes can be created within the range of 90 to 270°. The panels can be filled with glass or another material, while the thickness limit is maintained, as specified for both glass and non-transparent panels and fillings.

Metal, wooden or all-glass doors can be integrated in the system. Moreover, the design composition enables combinations of surface finishes of the individual components of the CLEARwall© 80/92 partitions and enhancement of the degree of individualization.

CLEARwall© 80/92 system partitions can be easily assembled directly on the building site. Unevenness of the base can be eliminated by sufficient clearance in the basic section. Simple and quick disassembly of the partitions thanks to the use of aluminium sections from high-quality alloyed composition guarantees their reuse to the fullest extent. Therefore, these are really adjustable partitions.

To solve the interior division in a complex way, the DW90 system offers sections for location of lighting control elements, access systems and electric wiring. Naturally, blinds are used to separate the rooms optically.


The CLEARwall© 80/92 orgoffice range includes an offer of organizational and office accessories for the CLEARwall© partitions. Primarily, this involves functional panels allowing integration of plastic or magnetic boards or shelves from glass or wood into the CLEARwall© partition structure.

The range of organizational and office accessories is sufficiently extensive to meet most of the demands of a modern office operation.


The CLEARwall© light system offers a solution of installation of LED lighting elements into the design of the CLEARwall© partitions. In this way, it is possible to individualize the appearance of the partition or create functional lighting of rooms and communication routes along the CLEARwall© partitions.

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