Glass and technology

All-glass point-fixed facades


Achievement of uncompromising transparency of the envelope and full functionality in terms of thermal insulation – these are the main benefits of using the technical solution of point-fixed facades. Exclusively, metal spiders are used to anchor the glass panels.

Point-fixed glazed facade walls are intended for projects in which the architects’ aim is a perfectly transparent facade exclusively composed of glass and stainless steel spiders fixed to the support elements in the structure interior.

Basic overview of the assortment of point-fixed facades

  • spiders for glass fixing in pre-bored holes for simple as well as insulation glasses
  • spiders for glass fixing in the gaps between glass for simple as well as insulation glass
  • points with a cylindrical visible head
  • points with a conical countersunk head

The level of individualization of point-fixed facades can be advanced by using glass with graphic print, coloured foils between glass or decorative materials inserted between laminated glass (VSG).

In addition to the selection of the glass type and its anchoring method, there is also a choice from a wide variety of supporting anchoring elements – stainless-steel fixing points (spiders).