Glass and technology

All-glass banisters CLEARsave©


In modern architecture, glass is increasingly dominant in application areas previously unimaginable. This has been enabled by its modern processing technologies, thanks to which glass can also perform the function of a full-fledged and safe banister.

We manufacture and install interior and exterior banisters from glass and metal. The glass panels themselves perform the function of the metal banister filling or are self-supporting. Accordingly, either safety laminated (VSG) or, in the other case, safety laminated and hardened (ESG / VSG) construction glass is used.

The glass banister is assembled by:

  • anchoring pre-bored glass panels at the point fixtures
  • inserting the glass panels in the supporting aluminium section
  • anchoring the glass panels between steel or stainless steel clamping plates
  • anchoring the glass panels in steel or stainless steel pillars

Upon request, we will suggest a solution for anchoring and design of the glass banister according to the specific project needs. In all cases, the banister can be fitted with a handle for its reinforcement or optical accentuation.

For individualization, it is possible to employ some of the modern methods of glass finishing by means of graphic print or by using coloured foils between the glass.