Glass and technology

Structures from glass and metal


We design, manufacture and install atypical engineering structures and elements from glass and metal for commercial and housing construction.

Implementation of atypical structure projects – combining materials such as glass, steel, stainless steel aluminium or wood – constitutes a significant part of our portfolio. In this way, we are able to meet architects’ and investors’ demands and ideas in their effort to individualize their projects.

We ensure complex deliveries of atypical engineering structures from glass and metal from the proposal for a technical solution, through the processing of technical documentation, to the actual delivery and installation.

We develop ideas and designs by following the architect’s and investor’s intention.

Examples of structures

  • metal lining of façades and interiors
  • glass lining for the exterior and interior
  • entrance portals combining more materials
  • lining from varnished steel and aluminium cassettes and sheets
  • glass tread floors and footbridges
  • glass suspended ceilings